Magic Valley

i84 Broadcasting is a local Magic Valley business that is supported by advertising.
If you own a business or are a marketing firm, please fill out the form below.

Honest, Up-front, Transparent Direct Buy Pricing:

Friends of KBAX Package:
Includes sixty :30 spots (2 spots per day)  $50/month/network

Forty-eight :30 spots over three consecutive days (16 spots per day) $90/network

Annual Packages:
1095 :30 spots (3 per day)  $1500/year/network ($125/month)
2190 :30 spots (6 per day)  $1944/year/network ($162/month)
Includes up-to two revisions per month

Real America's Voice Long Form Rates:
30 Minutes $45 per play
60 Minutes $90 per play

All campaigns are subject to prior review by station ownership.
Above rates are net to station.
Prepayment is required for new accounts.

Please contact Jordan Bitz for additional information:
701-391-6540 direct cell

Local advertising available on the following networks:
MeTV 27.1
Cozi 27.3
Antenna TV 27.6
WeatherNation 27.8
Real America's Voice 17.1